Dowry Laws Every Indian Must Know

would you give/ take dowry if your parents insisted?

yes, my parents decision is final (0% people answered this) yes, but i will try to convince them otherwise (25% people answered this) no, its my choice and they will have to accept it (75% people answered this) 8 people answered. ---------- Correct…Read More

price to buy a guy?

a small victory

Thirty-four years after the death of 20-year-old Kanchanbala from 100 per cent burn injuries, and 27 years after her case led to changes in the dowry law, the Delhi High Court has upheld the conviction of her husband for abetment to suicide. kudos to this…Read More

satyamev jayate, episode 3

watch this episode and give your ideas..

wats d full form of dowry?

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The worst places in the world for women: India

A shame on India 2 be featured here, but you will also see that dowry is mentioned in it, and this is the story of sooo many women in india..
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