Sign Teachers' Petition today

Please help teachers and students stop excessive testing so they can go back to teaching.

Alex Sink, candidate for Governor asks you to sign petition

Beware: Bill McCollum and Marco Rubio are siding with Big Business on this issue. Although they say they are for less taxes and less government SB6 does exactly the opposite. SB6 will deplete the education funds and cause an increase in property taxes. SB6…Read More

Support Education in Florida and Oppose SB6 HB7189

Today is officially declared Thunder Thursday. Call Gov. Crist 850 488 7146 right now and ask him to VETO HB7189 (SB6).

Stop SB 6

With over 13,000 members we can affect education now!

This is a bad bill for education. Bad for teachers and students. Please contact your legislators and tell them its time to stop the MADNESS and let teachers teach. In Florida you can find your legislators at You can also…Read More

Action Alert for Florida Residents Help Save Teacher Contracts - Your help is urgently needed! Some legislators want to change current law that impacts teacher contracts and due process rights. This law has dramatic implications for Florida's…Read More
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