Adopt Oscarina Today! {:(|)

Orangutan Outreach is thrilled to introduce the newest baby in the Orangutan Adoption Program: OSCARINA What a strange name, you might ask!  When the International Animal Rescue vet team was called to come and get a baby called Oscar, the first thing they…Read More

JAAN’s involvement with the Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC)

Hello, It's time to set the record straight about the tragedy at the Sintang Orangutan Center. We CANNOT and WILL NOT let the memory of innocent baby Luna be tarnished by people who have no clue what they are talking about and who do nothing but parrot what…Read More

Meet orangutan baby LUNA! {:(|}

Lovely LUNA is now in the Orangutan Outreach adoption program! She's a truly breathtaking baby orangutan who you will LOVE!  Luna lives at the Sintang Orangutan Rescue Center in Indonesia... Adopt her for yourself or a loved one today... for just…Read More

Reach Out and Grow the Orangutan Outreach Cause!

Dear Orangutan Release Appeal Cause Member, Most of you in the Orangutan Release Appeal Cause are also in the Orangutan Outreach Cause, so this message is meant for the REST OF YOU! We're making a big push to grow the official Orangutan Outreach Facebook…Read More

Orangutan Outreach Fall 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Orangutans, Check out the Orangutan Outreach Fall 2011 Newsletter starring Oscarina!  View the Newsletter ( See everything we've been up to…Read More

Happy Holidays from Orangutan Outreach! {:(|}

Happy Holidays from everyone at Orangutan Outreach! Thank you to all our friends, families, donors, adoptive parents & volunteers for your generous support in 2011!  We couldn't do it without you! With your help we've been able to improve the lives of so…Read More

Happy New Year from Orangutan Outreach! {:(|}

{|):}  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  {:(|}  2012 is going to be the year of Apps for Apes!  Orangutan Outreach is bringing iPads to Orangutans!  ( For the past nine months, the orangutans at the Milwaukee County Zoo have had the pleasure of…Read More
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