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A New Month...

The start of a new month and I have been busy answering e-mails, posts, and even got a couple of letters. So for all of you that donated a big thank you and I hope you understand that I’m behind on the personal thank you notes.
This past weekend was the same as other weekends. The phone calls and messages started.
Please help or how can I help my friend?

Many times friends and family cannot believe why there are staying in the relationship, just walk out.
There is more to it - The general response why they stay in an abusive relationship is, "Because I love him" or "Because I love her." Is love enough to overcome the effects of abuse?
Abuse is at an epidemic level. Research is showing the 36 – 50 % of women will be abused in their lifetime. 42% of women murdered by their partner or the former partner. One out of every three girls will be SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by the age of 18…I’m not skipping us guys as women can also abuse men; it’s just that nine out of ten of the times it is women abused. The numbers are off as men tend not to report this. Keep in mind the numbers that are out there tend to be the physically abused and do not always include the mentally, emotionally, financially and sexually abused. It is all ABUSE no matter what gender or sexual preference.

Many of us found it difficult to see what was happening as we were in the middle of the insanity. Our family and friends may clearly see what is going on…
Abuse is also in many cases kept quiet for fear or the reaction of friends and family, some of us tended to be silent and feel isolated from ourselves and others.
I have been asked to call the police for others, and I ask the same question each time. Is he or she ready to file a police report? The police know this is a sad situation as they can do nothing except maybe write a ticket for disorderly conduct or excessive noise. They hear the same things I do - but I love (him/her), said would not ever do it again, etc, etc.
The FACTs that I do know are;
*It will happen again
*It will get worse
*It will get worse
*It will get worse
Please Live,
William Collett
President and Founder


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