which age group reports the most violence by someone they are intimate with?

16 to 24 (14% people answered this) 25 to 34 (57% people answered this) 35 to 64 (21% people answered this) 65 and over (7% people answered this) 14 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: 16 to 24 ---------- Lend an ear to those who have…Read More

Share your story or video of hope and survival

Share your story at Healing Wings Retreat -http://www.healingwingsretreat.org/Testimonials.html Or use the link at the bottom of the page. Just in case we forgot to tell you...Welcome to the cause! Share and heal - http://www.healingwingsretreat.org/ If you…Read More

New Chat Room Open - take a look and see what is new

New Chat room - take a look and see what is new https://www.facebook.com/groups/452622388129930/

new fan site on Facebook - open forum

Places for members to share...

Chat and post with each other at our closed member only group - https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_227726353906699 Your web site for stories - https://www.healingwingsretreat.org So stop in and see what is going on!

A New Month...

The start of a new month and I have been busy answering e-mails, posts, and even got a couple of letters. So for all of you that donated a big thank you and I hope you understand that I’m behind on the personal thank you notes. This past weekend was the same…Read More


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