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June 30th wrapup

The walk is behind us. The day was picture perfect, and lots of food and activity. The site is now properly set up for accepting your and friends donations. I know times are not easy, but Mental Illnesses do not take 'a day off'. Thank you in advance for your…Read More

Walker Recruitment

NAMI Cape Cod Connection is in the process of having tee shirts designed and printed. When the NAMI Walks 09 Registration Form is completed and returned to me you shall receive the team shirt in the size you request. M, L, XL. Send mailing information that…Read More

Cape Cod NAMI Connection walk team

We haven't had this site up more than 24 hours and I have already had friends sign up. Please let your friends be aware of your thoughts and integraty. Your help will be used to fight the struggle that 1 out of 4 people with Mental Illnesses have and their…Read More

Cape Cod Connection Walk Team

The walk will be held on May 31. You can join the walk, or just help by collecting donations. A State NAMI Wailk Tee Shirt will be given to you if $100 min is donated by the day of our walk. Mental Illnes affects 1 out of every four people. Stop the Stigma…Read More
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