"Cast your bread upon the waters and one day you shall surely get it." Being friends in our houses and schools and knowing our potentials in talents and skills, we taught wise to partake in something to better our ability in helping our fellow brothers and sisters who are in need and or seeking by the society in skills in other not to indulge themselves and ourselves in the vise of youthful exuberance, one brought two, two brought three, three brought four and this led to the formation of the group. OUR OBJECTIVE is to inspare our generation through skills, talents, charity which we the members in the group contribute money to buy used clothes and food stuffs etc. etc. and send it to the orphanage homes, aged, leprosy and others. So we do give back to society, that is why we want to partner with any organisation both home and abroad to create the awareness of poverty eradication and prevention of youth inprisonment and drugs. ACTIVITIES - "Tafari groundation" in its four year reign has attended to the cry of the poor and needy and has performed creditably to the admiration of all and can also boast of reputable and prominent as well as God fearing men and women s our patrons and patroness. We also assist students from abroad in voluntary works for certification. Settlement for repatriation and asylum seekers. Numerical strength: "Tafari Groundation" since its formation till date have 26 members comprising of 25 gentlemen and 1 lady, which out of 26 18 are students and 8 are workers. hoping to rise up in number worldwide. FUTURE VISION. Put up a recreational center for children under the age of 1 to 25 both sex.(handiworks). Example: Art, carpentry, mechanics, welding, construction, textile making etc. We wish to partner with other organisations beyond Ghana to portry the beauty of God and Ghana at its best to the international level. And all these "Tafari Groundation" would not be able to carry on its shoulders alone than on your assistant by way of sponsoring us through your reputable companies and individually to realize our dream. We need assistance from all de world to help surpot de needy and de poor in forms of money and dresses any thing dat any one has can give it so we help dose who need help de sick de lame and blind and deaf de old aged ppl and de orphanage homes

1. http://tgoi.webs.com/

2. http://tafariorganisation.hi5.com

3. http://www.myspace.com/tafarigroundation

4. http://worldofjah.ning.com/profile/TafariOrganisationOutnationalInc