Back to International Stuttering Awareness day is October 22!

Color for Stuttering Awareness

Sent on behalf of Michael Sugarman from ISAD.

To: Stuttering Community

From: Michael Sugarman

Re: Sea Green for Stuttering Awareness

People have asked, “What color do we use for stuttering awareness?” This year marks the debut of a stuttering awareness ribbon. The color is sea green. The color ‘blue’ has traditionally been associated with calm while ‘green’ represents liberty, freedom and justice. The combination of these colors for People who Stutter shows the bond between ‘peace’ and ‘liberation’ when finding support and community with other people who understand and share their experiences. These are reflected in the ‘Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of People who Stutter’: Html

Remember to wear Sea Green clothes or ribbon on October 22nd to raise awareness about stuttering and the issues people who stutter face everyday.

Also, remember to go to for the ISAD online conference, which will be ending next week.

I want to thank Jaime Rocchio, Nina Ghiselli, Mike Garcia and Josh Denault for their ideas to change the way people who stutter view themselves and how the general public views stuttering.

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