for the truth,and for people to wake up,we can stop this

i want the government to tell us the truth.i no thats hard seeing they have never told the truth about anything.people have got to start wakeing up to the world around them.the more people that get behide something the more Impact it can have,there r more cities then people in control so why put up with it? soon technology will be so controlling we will have no choice but to listen and give in,my aim is to get as many people as possable to be aware of what is going on .and to send a list of peoples names to the goverment saying (PEOPLES LIVES/OR MONEY?)greed is killing the world

1. the truth about chemtrails

2. the truth about 911,no more crap

3. and to stop greed,the world is a buiness,thats got to end

4. OPEN THE GATE TO consciousnes