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Committee Approves $6.4 Million for the ALS Research Program!

Yesterday afternoon, the House Appropriations Committee approved $6.4 million for the ALS Research Program at the Department of Defense. Thank you to everyone who reached out to Congress to help save the program from elimination. Your outreach made a difference and helped continue funding for this vital program. In fact, the Committee did eliminate funding for several other medical research programs.

While we are pleased that the Committee continued to fund the program, the funding would be a 20% reduction over the $8 million in funding currently allocated for the ALSRP. Most every medical research program at DOD that was not eliminated saw similar funding cuts of 20%, including programs for cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, Autism and Alzheimer's.

The bill now heads to the full House for a vote. The Senate also has not yet acted on their version of the DOD Appropriations bill so there are several steps remaining in the legislative process. These steps provide us with opportunities to eliminate this 20% cut, but they also provide Congress with additional opportunities to eliminate the ALSRP altogether. Clearly, our fight is not over!

We will continue to keep you updated as the legislative process moves forward and will let you know when your outreach can make the most difference.

Thank you again for all of your efforts. Your outreach makes a difference!

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