new recruits please.

our numbers have not increased in some time please ask as many friends as you can to join this cause, many thanks

Please Read! We need your help.

Hi to everyone, we need sponcers if you can help us to reach the target for our Christians kerb stones. A very lovely lady and friend of our family Abbie is doing without chocolate for 6 months to help us, if she fails the forfit is to run along the coast in…Read More


I would like to take this oppitunity to thank everyone for there continued support and also to say thank you to all the new members who have recently joined. It shows that we are not completley alone in this we do have a lot of people who care about this sort…Read More

the insult was bad enough but to now tourment

It has taken a very long painfull 19 months and 5-6 days to have our sons inquest then a further insult was it was only 1 day after what would have been his 23rd birthday. The driver attended on the second day, along with his wife and mother. He refused to…Read More

New members

This cause can affect anyone at any time, we all think it will never happen to us, but it can so very easily. By spreding the word means more people will be aware and also we need more members to join. We have all done so well up till now but please ask as…Read More

please invite your friends

it would help my cause to grow as the numbers are not really growing very fast at all i have added almost all of my friends so please help out by asking others to join. this type of death can really happen to anyone at any time so please help spread the word.…Read More


At long last the mayors office has finally got around to reducing the speed on our estate. After i had to keep on at them to do something about the traffic and the speeds at which they fly by. Yes i know that there will still be many chods (for want of a…Read More
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