Subject: [IntlConureAssociation] Fw: HR 669 - PIJAC THANKS PET OWNERS, HOBBYISTS, AND OTHERS WHO CARE  Cross posting permitted http://www.pijac. org/_documents/ HR669TY24Apr% 5B1%5D.pdf PIJAC THANKS PET OWNERS, HOBBYISTS, AND OTHERS WHO CARE Washington,…Read More

Time is running short

Please check this web site and blog. It is really excellent and includes the members of this committee and where they stand on this bill. Many are wavering or undecided now. The phone call vollume has made a huge difference. PLEASE, if you can make a phone…Read More

Crunch Time

April 23 is Thursday! The House is going to vote on this lame bill and from what I am hearing it is looking good for passage. As incredible as that seems. I can hardly believe that I am writing that but passage is looking good. This is so important.The only…Read More

HR669 Blog

Hello everyone, and THANK YOU ALL so much for your interest and willingness to do something about this. The momentum is growing on this and there seems to be much more interest in many places about HR669 and there has been quite a big backlash so far. Oddly…Read More


Here is a VERY easy way to express yourself and to take action with your elected representatives; it is called CAPWIZ and is located here: Please remind your representative that there are many,…Read More

Here is another site to vote no from...

If you have not yet voted no on this incredibly sensele bill, please take just a minute to do so now. Trust me, your parrot friend will love you even more for it.
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