Doctors point traces of air and noise pollution

Doctors point traces of air and noise pollution A doctor checks a girl’s ear at HCMC Children’s Hospital No.1. City health experts have warned about the severe impacts of too much dust and sound on children’s health. Workers and children are more vulnerable…Read More

One motorbike and car free day in the city!

In Holland you have special auto-free-Sunday's in large cities to promote the awareness of the changes in the environment. It would be fun if they did something similar here in Ho Chi Minh City. :) Only bicycles and walking allowed. That would be the best day…Read More

Should the government raise taxes on motorbikes and cars?

Since motorbikes from China came to Vietnam, the amount of motorbikes grew like crazy. Should the government raise the TAX so that it becomes less affordable for everyone? And should cars be heavier taxed then the 100% TAX you have to pay right now?

Your solution?

What is your solution to this problem? Post it now! :)
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