Be sure to take some time...

Hello everyone. This is just a friendly reminder encouraging you all to take a moment to write to your state and federal representatives to tell them that you want stricter sentencing for predators. You can find your representatives for both the house and the…Read More


Hello. Just wanted to let you know that I posted a Discussion Topic. Stop on by and check it out, and leave a response if you'd like.

Just a friendly reminder

If you have not already done so, please remember to take a few minutes to write to your elected officials (local, state, and federal) to demand more stringent laws aimed at protecting our children from sexual predators/abusers. Also, keep recruiting. The more…Read More

Be sure to write

Hello everyone. I hope your week is starting off well. I just wanted to remind everyone as to the importance of maintaining a close relationship with your elected officials. Remember, regardless of whether or not you voted for them, they work for you. And, as…Read More
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