Hey, how 'bout that $1?

Hey, folks. Just checking in. Remember that the whole idea of this benefit is twofold: to donate $1 (only a handful of people have donated yet) and to invite friends. Please invite your friends and let's get this party started! Thanks!

Your Impact on Cancer Can Grow Exponentially

As a member of the $1 Six Degrees of Separation social experiment, I am inviting you to make a huge dent in impacting the fight against cancer with an extremely small effort. By joining this experiment, donating $1, and getting six of your friends to do the…Read More

Renewing the $1 Six Degrees of Separation Benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society effort to raise $50,000

Hey, folks. I just wanted to thank you for your decision to join this cause over the last 11 months. I am renewing my efforts to raise $50,000 for LLS with this social experiment by 3/31/10. Please invite all of your friends to join and donate $1. Please take…Read More

A Re-launch of the $1 Six Degrees of Separation Social Experiment

 Hi, everyone. I want to thank you for choosing to join this cause. What we started 6 months ago, we are going to start again. We are trying to get 50,000 people to join the cause, donate $1, and invite all of their friends to do the same. People have asked…Read More

Less than 24 hours!

Folks, there is less than 24 hours left in the $1 Six Degrees of Separation Benefit! Please remember that in order for your "degrees" to be legitimate, you need to have donated at least $1. I appreciate the well-wishes. Let's finish strong!!! Steve

3 more days...

Here is another update. We are up to 43 people joining the cause. We have Connie Garay who has recruited 7 people, and is followed by Cruz Marron and Heather Beville who have recruited 4 and 3 respectively. My thanks to you all! We have just under 3 days to…Read More

The Missing Step- Donate $1

Good Friday, everyone. I am very grateful to those that have decided to join our cause. It is great to see that many of you are inviting other to join as well. Congratulations to Connie Garay who already has 6 recruits of her own. However, if appears that…Read More
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