Use the lessons of the Holocaust to prevent future prejudice, racism, and genocide.

This group is dedicated to remembering the 11 million people who died in the Holocaust, the countless others who survived, and all of the members of the resistance and other people who helped Hitler's victims.

We are determined to educate the world about the Holocaust and to create a world culture in which genocide is unacceptable. Our goals are to end genocide, offer aid to its victims, and encourage tolerance worldwide. We must apply the lessons of the Holocaust to today's world, to Sudan, to Uganda, to any place where people are persecuted and oppressed.

After the Holocaust, the world said "Never again". Today, that has become "Not my problem". Together, we can change that.

1. The Holocaust was a terrible tragedy that should be remembered.

2. Holocaust education is key to stopping future acts of genocide.

3. Genocide is not acceptable under any circumstances.