10,000kg Agaist Obesity - Success Stories - On You Tube

Gang We are going global, we are now on You Tube! It is time to spread the word and to promote the cause, for people to donate their fat (weigh Loss) and post these donations (weight loss) on the wall of this group. Check out this…Read More

DVD of Success Stories

Have a look at the Facebook group - 10000kg Against Obesity. Enjoy the DVD's Now is the time to donate some fat, or get a friend to!! Get healthy, live long

To to spread the word about 10,000kg

Gang We need your help and support. We need to spread the word, either is Summer or Winter where you live, but now is the time to spread the word, and grow the size of the team, and the amount of fat donated top the cause. Haave you donated any fat yet? Can…Read More

10,000kg Against Obesity - Group

Hi to everyone that is getting behind the 10,000kg Against Obesity Cause. We have started a Facebook Group - 10,000kg Agaist Obesity - so that we can post some of the DVD footage that has been cut of some of the gang that have used the program with…Read More

DVD is Here

Hi Team, the DVD has been finished as is now available to be collected and passed our to supporters and particpants. It looks so good, and it will be such a powerful tool to spread the word. I encourage your to lend them out and we will change Perth one…Read More

Participant or Supporter

How can you be involved? Join as a • Participant and be a role model for your family and friends by personally donating your fat • Supporter and be the voice to talk to others about becoming a Participant What’s involved as a Participant? • Join Team Great…Read More
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