To have the 911 Heart Symbol recognized by all Americans as a lasting tribute to those lost and affected by Sept 11th 2001

In the wake of Sept 11, 2001 the 911 Heart Symbol was inspired by the events of that tragic day and designed by an artist from Paterson, NJ. It was used to raise funds for the Red Cross effort and was embraced by the WTC Families Group. The time has come now to start a campaign to have a lasting tribute for the American people to remind us to Never Forget those we lost and to inspire and remind us all to not take our lives or freedom for granted. A nation wide event is being planned and we will provide updates on its developments and progress. God Bless America!

1. To be seen as symbol of Rememberance, Patriotism and Hope

2. To have those whose lives were lost Never be Forgotten

3. Unity , Patriotism & Spirit

4. This is the creation of an American Symbol started by the people for the people