Keep Open Space in South Norwalk Clean and Beautiful

Friends of Ryan Park is now formed.
All paperwork is completed and sent off to the State of Connecticut and the IRS!
Planting is going on daily. Volunteers are cordially welcomed!

Families, we need you.
Friends, we need you too.
Businesses, we need you!

Use YOUR park!

Everyday use - no problem, it's a free city park.

Events - go to Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs office and apply for a special reservation date and get the information you need.

AMPHITHEATER! - Hey -- were are all our great entertainers????

Churches - good place to hold a tent revival!

It's y(our) park, - let's get busy!

1. We have now formed a "Friends of Ryan Park"

2. Inner City Citizens deserve a maintained, suitable park with equipment for children.

3. Let's use and enjoy South Norwalk's Open Space!