A God Leaves Us

Dear Disciples of the Riff, I have no doubt that you will all by now be aware of the sad death of the great Ronnie James Dio. Few days have been deeper mired in tragedy than the 16th of May, the day the World of Metal lost one of its true fathers - a…Read More

Neuronspoiler live in London

Dear Disciples of the Riff My band, Neuronspoiler, will be playing at the Water Rats on Grays Inn Road near King's Cross in London. We're supporting a gothic rock/metal band Fragments of Faith. If you're in London, why not drop by to get some more metal in…Read More

New Heavy Metal band

Hi all, I just thought I'd briefly abuse your membership of Metal is our Religion to promote my own metal band. Neuronspoiler sound something like Megadeth and Accept having a fight with Dio in a metalworks. In a good way. Have a listen at…Read More

Metal is our Religion is better than...

Everyone knows that the staples of any good religion are self-congratulatory smugness, insidious sectarianism, a dogmatic reluctance to try to relate with others and the odd superficial nod towards good deeds. In the spirit of at least three of these, I think…Read More

Greetings, True Believers

It is with great pride that I see our number swell into the 1000s, and the indefeasible rise of this great and truthful faith to being recognised as the Earth's one true religion continue unyieldingly. Those in our number know truth in the world and we find…Read More

Two of the steel army have fallen recently. Hold thy sword in their honour

Two terrible blows have recently been dealt to the army of the riff. Two prominent members slain. On the 2nd November, at the age of 23, Witold 'Vitek' Kieltyka, drummer of amazing death metal band, Decapitated, died following a tour bus crash on the…Read More

The most amazing festival ever! Manowar!

I've just received information of the 2008 Magic Circle (Manowar's label, owned by Joey Demaio) Festival in Germany: "Magic Circle Music Proudly Presents The Magic Circle Festival 2008 “The Kings Of Metal 20th Anniversary Event” • 4 days of unlimited metal…Read More
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