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Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Brayden and his family. Since I last contacted you, Brayden's family has welcomed a new baby brother into the world and it has been so neat to see how God has used the scariest of situations to do…Read More


Brayden is officially in "clinical remission" which means NO CANCER!!! Isn't God amazing? Doctors are amazed at how fast the little guy healed and it is all because of God answering prayers. Please make sure to spend time tonight to thank God for this HUGE…Read More

God is AMAZING!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to encourage yout o continue to pray for baby Brayden! He his cancer has gone down to 5% so he is now at home continuing treatment there... Drew, Jen, and Brayden have a 3 year road of treatment ahead so they will all need prayers…Read More

Praise God!!

Let's all praise God together! Brayden has responded really well to the past week's treatments so now his numbers are down to 5% which is really good! He can now go home to continue treatment there and it will be SO much easier on him and his family. Check…Read More

God is great!

Thank you all for praying for Brayden! We are currently focusing on praying that his numbers continue to go down, as well as his susceptibility to infection decreases as well. We all want Brayden to be able to go home and be in his own surroundings... It will…Read More

99 People to go!

Hey everybody! We have almost reached our 1,000 prayer warriors mark.. Keep praying for Brayden's fight with leukemia and keep inviting your friends and family to pray for him too! Check out to get daily updates on…Read More

Keep the Prayers Going!

We are going on Week 2 of Brayden's 3 year treatment so keep the prayers going... Too often things like this can fade into the back of our minds so keep some kind of reminder up so that you can pray for him every day! Visit:…Read More
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