Back to FACEBOOK re-instate Dawn Willis' Unjustly Disabled Account!

Dawn Willis has done nothing wrong

Dawn Willis has sent the following letter to Facebook and asked me to post it to this Group, Judith Haire

Dear Facebook Team

I am bemused, baffled and bewlildered. Again you have, without notification, disabled my Facebook Account. I cannot for the life of me think 'WHY'.

Today 12 June 09 my activity was:-

1 I changed my status quote to an random jokey thing

2 I accepted 2 friend requests, and acknowledged a 'friend' recommendation.

3 I posted about 5 or 6 news items from around the world about Mental Health (on my own page)!

4 Fed 'my fairyland' plants

5 Replied to a message from a pal

6 Responded to someone who said they had decided to de-friend me because someone on one of my threads had said made a comment about the Scottish nation which offended him, he said it was nothing personal and wished me well, I responded by saying I was sorry to see him go and understood his reasons! (But I am sure you can look at my messages and see that!)

7. I limited the access to my page by the person who had offended the chap, as he has been abrasive before to me and others, I made it so that he couldn't post on my wall.

THAT'S IT, The sum and total of my Facebook activity for the morning. I DID NOT write on anyone else's wall, Didn't 'spam' anyone. Did not abuse anyone, DID NOT add too many friends. Did not join any groups or Fan pages.

I cannot stress enough how invaluable my Facebook is to me because I am a disabled person who merely advocates for those with mental health issues. Nothing I do is for profit, it's not offensive. I post major international news stories, nothing nasty, right wing or pornographic.

Can you please consider re-instating my account as soon as possible, it is a vital connection to the outside world for me, but also can you please explain what you think I have done wrong?!

I really do look forward to your prompt action on this matter.

Dawn Willis

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