Dawn's Facebook has been disabled AGAIN today Saturday 13th June, Dawn's Facebook was 'disabled' by Facebook on 5th April without warning or reason! It's a travesty!

Dawn Willis has an active Facebook page which she uses for both personal reasons but more importantly for raising awareness over the issues which affect people with a Mental Health Diagnosis.

On April 5th 2009 and again on 13 June 2009 her account was suddenly, and without warning 'disabled' by Facebook and there has been no explanation for this action.

We all know Dawn does not 'spam' people, 'abuse' anyone or post offensive or lewd content. She makes no money from what she does!

At the time her account was 'disabled' she had send about 6 friends a Happy Birthday, congratulated someone on the birth of a nephew, posted her usual news items on HER pages only, and was looking through some posts on a friends pages.

Dawn's Facebook was a 'networking' success for all of the right reasons!

It is something she does because she beleives in raising awareness and because she likes and believes in People.

I think she should be re-instated by Facebook, and would hope that you, her friends and associates join me in contacting Facebook and showing support for Dawn.

Thank you!

1. A Protestor!

2. Another Protestor!

3. Justice for Dawn, Dawn is Innocent!