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Campaign Update

Hello extended members of Team Triple H: With Help and Hope, we'll Hammer out cancer!

First, I just want to say thank you once again for everyone's personal involvement in this fundraising campaign we're holding for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Events keep getting lined up seemingly left and right, both in and outside of TigerDen. To keep you up to date, our next few big events are coming right up:

2 May, we'll be at the TigerDen championship in Sterling, VA from 10 am - 3 pm with a donation table set up. We'll be selling baked goods and other food/drinks/snacks - the proceeds of which will all go to LLS. Also, everyone will get to meet the 2009 Boy and Girl of the Year from LLS - two precious children, the same age as many of our Little Tigers, who are both Leukemia survivors.

I'm once again asking for volunteers who would like to contribute baked goods - the Josephsons and the Evans family donated cookies and rice crispy treats that were sold out in no time at all at our break-a-thon, let's have a big hand for them! Woo hoo! If you'd like to donate some baked goods, please let me know.

Also, if you would like to help man the table, we'll be at the championship setting up in Sterling at around 8:30 am. Championship is from 10 am - 3pm. Many thanks to anyone who'd like to come support us.

On 5 May, a lot closer to home, we'll be at Silver Diner in Woodbridge for Kids' Night from 5 - 8. They're letting us "Run the Diner," so we'll need some volunteers to help play waiter/waitress, door greeter, etc.

They've asked us to put on a martial arts demonstration as well - so we'll have the Demo team there, but I'm opening it up to all students who'd like to come by and break some boards, perform their form, kicking techniques, etc. It should be fun! If you can spare some time that night, we'd really appreciate it :o)

On 23 May, we'll be featured at Rolling Thunder in DC - we'll have a tent set up to offer beverages and snacks to the 10s of thousands of Harley Riders who will be in town. If anyone can donate some baked goods for that as well, we'd be obliged. If you'd like to join us out there - the more the merrier!

The fundraising campaign ends June 12th, and we are still a way off from our combined goal of $125,000. If you have ideas about fundraisers, or even better would like to hit the ground running and become involved by organizing and hosting an event, please let us know! Every bit of help is welcome!

Of course, the online donations are ongoing and folks just need to take a minute to log in at - all donations are tax deductible and the website will automatically send you an email with all applicable tax info for your tax records.

Thank you all again for your support. Just like our team motto says, Together, with Help and Hope, we'll Hammer out cancer!


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