Contraception Mandate: Accommodation-NOT

The President's 'accommodation" is a one way street--his way. He has no understanding of what a ProLife conscience conviction is.

Komen, Breast Cancer, and Planned Parenthood

Susan G Komen, Breast Cancer, and Planned Parenthood The prime reason Komen Foundation should not grant funds to PPH is that abortion definitely increases that patient’s risk of future breast cancer. (We know, govt and pc media deny this. They denied that…Read More

More on Conscience issue

The assault on prolife conscience continues, this time on nurses, next time probably on doctors. Encouraged/emboldened by the current US govt's pro-abortion-access policies and philosopy, NJ medical college moves to advance the agenda. See…Read More

Holiday greeting

Holiday Greetings from AAPLOG Thank you for standing with us for the right of the unborn to experience life, and the right of their mothers to experience their child’s life as well. Our Christmas greeting to you comes from an Inuit village in Alaska, where a…Read More

N.J. Nurses case

NEWARK, New Jersey, December 22, 2011 ( - In a triumph for conscience protections, a New Jersey hospital agreed that nurses will not have to assist with abortions if doing so would violate their moral or religious views. We have won this…Read More

Isabortion safer than childbirth??

A major article in a prominent medical journal once again tells us “abortion is safer than childbirth.” Do you believe that? The apostles of abortion are alive and well on planet Earth. It is critically important that you be informed of the truth, not the…Read More

Part 2: is abortion safer than childbirth??

Here is more information to counter the egregious misinformation in the new medical article about abortion being safer than childbirth. (“The Comparative Safety of Legal Induced Abortion and Childbirth in the United States”, by Raymond and Grimes, Feb, 2012…Read More
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