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Next Steps: Sign the Petition to save NYC LGBTQI Youth Shelters!

Thank you for your support for New York City's LGBTQI youth. Over the past weeks we've received messages of support and aid from our neighbors, friends, families, members of the international MCC Fellowship, legislators and the media. Your individual voice is integral to all that we have done--and continue to do--to save these funds for our LGBTQI youth.

To make your voice heard, please sign our petition to Save New York City's LGBTQI shelters. The petition can be found at Our goal is 3,000 signatures, so send it on to your family, friends, and all who support safe havens for LGBTQI youth.

You can also help by making a donation to MCCNY Homeless Youth Services, which operates Sylvia's Place. Your donations will help ensure that the youth of Sylvia's Place get the services they need in the midst of funding threats. To donate online, visit:

Thank you and let's continue the fight to protect our LGBTQI youth.

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