Music in Schools Today (MuST) advocates for, supports and develops integrated, accessible, sustainable and measurable music-in-education programs that improve student achievement.

Since 1983, Music in Schools Today (MuST) has served public school grades K-12 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit. Read more about our programs and history.

MuST is the Bay Area's answer to the crisis in music education. Despite extensive research indicating that music instruction supplies intellectual, emotional and physical components critical to children's development, music and arts programs are often the first victims of budget cuts.

MuST combats this trend with a comprehensive set of programs that are resistant to budget slashing. MuST serves over 10,000 children and youth annually in schools and community centers, conducts research and development and advocates to restore music as an essential principle of pre-K through 12 education.

1. Meg Madden, Executive Director

2. Laura Reynolds, Program Coordinator and Office Manager

3. Alyson Swihart, Curriculum and Resource Specialist

4. Eric Lesch, Administrative Associate and Web Manager