FLASHMOB: Join the Human Ring against Poverty on 19/11!

84 million people in the European Union are living in poverty! … and several other millions are at risk of poverty We want a credible response to the crisis, focused on solidarity and social justice and reclaim the European Institutions as people's…Read More

URGENT! Take action: send a letter for adequate Minimum Income schemes!

None of Minimum Income schemes in Europe are adequate, sufficient for people to live in dignity. In 3 EU countries, they don’t even exist. And that could get even worse… If you believe that minimum income should be adequate, we need your contribution…Read More

Aucun impact sans signature ! No impact without signature!

Nous sommes plus de 2000 membres soutenant cette cause facebook, pour un revenu minimum adéquat dans toute l'UE, mais moins de la moitié d'entre nous ont apposé leur signature à cette cause, sur www.adequateincome.eu ! Merci d'avoir rejoint la cause, mais…Read More

Signez pour un revenu minimum adéquat pour tous !

vous êtes membre de cette cause? allez vite signer ! http://www.adequateincome.eu/fr/participez/petition Merci, pour toutes et tous, vous et nous y compris


where do you sign?? on www.adequateincome.eu ! and pass on the message of course !

Adequate Minimum Income cause member? don't forget to SIGN the appeal !

Dear all 1733 members, thanks a million for all of you who have already signed the appeal, you have made the number of signatories significantly increase! for all of you who haven't, please don't forget, this is the reason of our Facebook cause, if we want to…Read More
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