If you did not hear, TWC backed off the download cap idea. WE DID IT. Thanks everyone who called and emailed to make this happen. I'm not going to do anything else with this group but I am not going to delete it yet. THANKS EVERYONE!

Massa Brings the fight to the halls of Congress!

I'm sorry- I hate spam, and I don't mean to be sending out so many notifications but this is important. Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY) is introducing a bill the "Broadband Internet Fairness…Read More

Steven Levy on the Promise and Perils of Divorcing Your Cable Company

Levy sums up the real reason TWC does not want you to have unlimited internet. From Wired.com: Steven Levy on the Promise and Perils of Divorcing Your Cable Company Now, I don't want to wind up in hell. But if that fate befalls me, I anticipate finding my…Read More

Time Warner: Unlimited Internet for $150 Per Month.

GOOD: you can unlmited internet. BAD: it costs more then your entire TWC bill now. FiOS anyone? http://www.dailytech.com/Time+Warner+Unlimited+Internet+for+150+Per+Month/article14820.htm From dailytech.com: Time Warner, criticized for the cost of its…Read More

The fight is far from over but there is some good news!

Please thank Rep. Eric Massa(D-NY)! From stopthecap.com : [Update 10:35am (Wednesday) : While we are still waiting for a copy of the bill, just a note to alert people to the fact his protest has made the news in most of the cities where this usage cap is…Read More

TWC Contact Info

Contact Time Warner Cable, be professional name calling will get us nowhere CEO of Time Warner Cable [email protected] 203-328-0670 TWC Executive Custom Service [email protected] 203-328-0600 Rochester TWC contact Information: Customer…Read More

From the TWC Cap Admin

Thanks for Joining. I promise not to spam your inbox. I do ask that you invite as many people as you can. This is really important, if TWC goes though with this it is the end of the internet as we know it. Here are more new articles about the cap. I again…Read More
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