Let's help the kids of Bermuda who have lost their fathers to senseless gun violence!!

We are 798 members strong! As a member please show how much you care about what is happening to our people and our country. How many of you are willing to make an annual $20 donation to the cause of ensuring that our children who have lost their fathers to…Read More

Request for donations from BYOBB Members to children who have lost their fathers to gun violence

Come on my peeps! If I were asking for $20 for a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, or Play Station I KNOW my computer would be blown up. If you all advocate bringing YOUR old Bermuda back won't you do something to make a change in the lives of innocent children?…Read More


Case in point - did we all hear the news this evening about the gang activity in the east end last night which culminated in a gun toting police presence? We need to take this island back! COME ON BERMUDA...I have had ONE response to my membership request…Read More

Hey everybody!!!!!

We are almost 100 strong!!! I told myself that when I had 100 members I would start making arrangements to hold the vigil but before I do that I would like to receive a message from every member that I can count on YOU to attend the vigil. Sooooo, what say…Read More
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