4 days and counting...

I have all my gear together, putting finishing touches on messages, all the team are getting ready for all aspects of the trip. I really believe this is going to be the best to this point. Its a fast pace trip with a lot of hard work, connections and ministry…Read More

9 days...

In Nine days we will be leaving for Africa. We have several major projects planned. We believe this will be the most significant reach we have done to this point. There are so many testimonies. So many lives that have been changed over the years, and believe…Read More

Africa Here we come...

Wow! We have had several training sessions and we have a terrific team. I'm really looking forward to working with this team in Africa. We have been connecting with our Africa Team in Rwanda and Uganda and believe this is going to be the best year…Read More

Our Global Reach for Justice Missions Banquet.

I truly can't wait until next year's global reach efforts. We have plans to build several more hope centers in Cambodia. A hope Center, houses orphans, is a place for church, an educational center during the day, and even a feeding center for those who have…Read More

nightlines report on sex trade in Cambodia

Check out new blog on Nigtlines report.... http://gadberry.wordpress.com Global reach for justice is bringing justice to children in several nations. thanks David

17 more people

Hey global reach for justice Team, We only need 17 more people to move to the next level, as a group. We are club, with only 17 more we can move to crew level. take a minute and invite a couple of people to join our cause. Awareness is important help lets…Read More

Comments on this global Reach page.

I want to invite you if you have been a part of any trip we have gone on, or involved in our global reach in any way to comment on this page. stories, thoughts, memories, questions. Its a great forum and opportunity for others to see what we are doing and to…Read More
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