Running the Great Wall of China Marathon in support of Themba!

Stephanie Caldow is no ordinary girl, she has made the decision to run the Great Wall of China marathon! She is running to raise awareness and donations for The Themba Development Project so that this year we can focus on bringing clean water and and the…Read More


I have been nominated in the top 10 for the "Hero's Next Door" Award hosted by Tom's Of Maine. PLEASE please please take a moment to vote for me, if I receive the top votes then I will receive $5000 (32,000 South African Rand) that can be used to help the…Read More

We Did It!

Hello Themba Supporters, This will be my last message this year as I prepare to depart for South Africa on December 30th. This is the beginning of a very exciting time of year as I prepare to live in Thembalethu for the next seven months while working to…Read More

Important, please share with friends!

This is an easy way to help with very little effort! Please take one second and nominate me for this! If I win they will donate $5000 to my charity, The Themba Development Project which means that an entire community will receive funds to help them gain an…Read More

Front Page News!

Take a moment to check out my interview with! Special thanks to Ashley for the great interview and placing me front and centre! One person CAN make a difference!!!

You asked for it, here it is!

The Themba Development Project is a volunteer operated, Canadian registered charity. Our work benefits the community of Thembalethu, South Africa and our goal is to lift this community out of chronic poverty by giving them the tools to become self sufficient.…Read More

Announcing the Launch of the 2009 Christmas Card Campaign!

Every year we spend countless time and dollars purchasing Christmas presents that we do not really need. This year, give your friends and family something unique and meaningful. By purchasing a Christmas Card from The Themba Development Project not only will…Read More
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