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How many hours do African women spend gathering water per year?

  • 1 million (25% people answered this)
  • 60 million (14% people answered this)
  • 15 billion (21% people answered this)
  • 40 billion (21% people answered this)
  • 100 billion (17% people answered this)

28 people answered.


Correct answer is: 40 billion

Each year in Africa alone, women spend 40 billion hours carrying water, and this is likely to increase with climate change and environmental degradation. CARE is repairing and building wells in communities in Africa and other poor countries around the world to lessen the burden on women and children.


Ensure the world’s poorest people have the tools and resources they need to adapt to harsher conditions caused by climate change. CARE is on the front lines in the fight against hunger and against climate change. Last year, we helped 10 million people improve crop production, increase income and sustainably manage natural resources. With a real crisis on our hands today, we need your help now. We must make sure poor communities have the information and tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty and adapt to the changing climate. Climate change will have a disproportionate impact on the poorest communities in the world and threatens to reduce, or even wipe out, decades of development. Please take action now: 1. Weather is changing in dramatic ways, from droughts to floods to cyclones, and experts predict it is only going to get worse. 2. For millions of people living in extreme poverty – 60 percent of whom are women – climate change is a daily threat to their survival. 3. They are losing their crops to drought, homes to floods, and families to disease –conditions intensifying and rising because of global warming. 4. We must reduce the rate of global climate change & help the most vulnerable people adapt to new conditions 5. Learn more:

One in six people worldwide does not have access to clean water, and women and children are often tasked with finding it. They spend several hours every day fetching water, walking under the harsh sun on sometimes dangerous terrain, putting them at risk of attack.


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