New recruit and what makes AFADU tick!

Dear friends of BSG and AFADU, A short update from me and BSG! Good news is that we finally have a quote for the the entire project from a local supplier for the building of the factory. The foundations are laid now it’s time to get serious about the rest…Read More


Send and E-gift card through Global Giving and help us get the BSG factory BUILT!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!!

An update from AFADU by board member Pam Harrison

He everyone, thought you'd might like to know more about AFADU's other programs etc...see below for the link to the latest report that was done by Pam Harrison, my fellow AFADU board…Read More

A MASSIVE Thanks to........

... Ginell Jackson who found us on Global Giving She has chosen to donate a percentage of sales of her tote bags that she sells through Etsy Am…Read More

US site now live....Global Giving

Hi y'all, The US Global Giving site is now live. Please feel free to share it with friends, family...or anyone who wants to help make a difference to orphans in…Read More

WALLS & A ROOF! THANK YOU!!!!!!....Update on Global Giving Challenge!

Dear all, I just wanted to thank those of you again for contributing to the April challenge! ...and getting us a permanent place on Global Giving! I did thank a lot of you personally as you’re details were open to me when you donated (sorry if I missed…Read More

It's crunch time!

Hi People! You're all TOPS for joining the cause! THANK YOU!! Here's the latest.....we are £190 away from getting a £500 bonus on ....we met the initial challenge of raising £1000 from 50 donors to win a permanent place on their fund…Read More
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