Lady Gaga + Virgin Mobile = Winning

Lady Gaga recently teamed up with Virgin Mobile to create a very special PSA ( - one highlighting the issue of homeless youth, especially LGBTQ youth. Why is this great? In addition to Lady Gaga being a great champion of LGBTQ and…Read More

Help Make It Better This June

Dear Member: Thank you for being part of Safe Horizon's community and for supporting our efforts to give victims of violence and abuse their chance to move from crisis to confidence! With June being Pride Month, we're asking for your help to Make It Better…Read More

Lady Gaga + Robin Hood: Our Results

Hello! As promised, here's the update about the Lady Gaga + Robin Hood $1M contest....   The winner was SCO Family of Services, to whom Lady Gaga and Robin Hood presented a check for $500K at the Robin Hood gala on May 9th. Safe Horizon earned $50,000…Read More

Did you catch the live stream from the Robin Hood gala?

Hello! Thank you for your tremendous help in voting for Safe Horizon in the Lady Gaga + Robin Hood $1M charity contest last week! Because of you, more than 1 million votes were cast - an incredible number in support of organizations in NYC that help LGBTQ…Read More

Lady Gaga + Robin Hood $1M Contest = Finished. Thank You for Voting on Behalf of Our Homeless Youth!

Hello! The Lady Gaga + Robin Hood $1M charity contest voting period is over - and we thank each and every person who took the time to vote for Safe Horizon during the contest. On May 9th, Lady Gaga and Robin Hood will announce the rankings for the five…Read More

Less than 24 hours to go ... Get Out the Vote(s) for Safe Horizon!

We're down to less than 24 hours before the Lady Gaga + Robin Hood $1m charity contest ends ... and it's time to VOTE, vote again, and vote as many times as possible for Safe Horizon today! ( to vote…Read More

THREE DAYS LEFT ... Safe Horizon needs your votes - all of them!

Hello! We're down to three days before the Lady Gaga + Robin Hood $1 m charity contest is over ... and now's the time when we need your votes. All 100 of them. All 1,000 of them. And all of them for the LGBTQ and other homeless youth we help through our…Read More
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