New information concerning Gao...We need to redouble our media efforts...Again he was taken by the Chinese police...

Dear Friend, Gao's whereabouts since 4/20/10 are not known other than the fact that he was last seen being abducted again by the Chinese police, and that a video of Gao Zhisheng being tortured, including shots of electric batons being inserted into Gao’s…Read More

Celebration & Invitation

Friends! Just 1 year ago I began the FB cause site and all of you made happen what I can now finally say, "We have officially hair lipped the entire Chinese government!" All your petitions, all the calls you made, all that you have done has…Read More

It's Working Folks! Gao Zhisheng is alive...

Friends, Received last night conclusive evidence that Gao is alive, as he was able to call and speak to his family briefly here in the states... On Sunday, March 28, 2010, missing human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng spoke to his wife and children for the first…Read More

Gao Zhisheng still alive?

Greetings Friends, Sources from the Chinese government are trying to persuade the American media that Gao is still alive and well in communist China, they even went as far as to say he was last seen whistling a happy tune. There is at this time no conclusive…Read More

Check it out...and share it with your friends...Let's hairlip the chinese government!

Bill Lowder just posted a link to your cause, Free Gao Zhisheng ( Friends, Attached is a recent artical to share with friends! Shalom! Rev. Lowder Thanks, Bill Lowder Uzm Epoch Times - Gao Zhisheng Is…Read More

Thank you!!!

Friends, I wanted to thank you for your involvement in human rights and the cause of Gao Zhisheng. At this moment we have no concrete evidence one way or another as to the well being of Mr. Zhisheng. Continue to pray for his family and that they will be…Read More

Gao Zhisheng

Friends, Back in mid December I heard rumors from China that Mr. Zhisheng died during his torture by the Chinese government...The rumors are now widely circulating and there is no proof contrary to it at this time. Please pray for his family. Mr Zhisheng's…Read More
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