Was on Brother Wease this morning with Eric Massa!!

If you were listening this morning i did alert Congressman Massa about the recent changes to your Time Warner Bill on the capping of internet usage through throttling and or temporarily shutting off your service, yes if you read your next Cable bill and you…Read More

New Link Posted re: Time Warners Profiteering while still trying to ask for Metered Billing

Have a look, doesn't seem to me that Time Warner is hurting for profits nor is the network really that affected by the current user base. More Greed in then name of more profits

When will you be cancelling your Road RUnner subscription and will you also be leaving cable and phone too?

We here at Sat No to Time Warner want to know when you will be canceling your Road Runner subscription and will you be cutting them off from the 2 other revenue streams cable and phone? Post your comments in the board section so we have a running list of…Read More

In our RENEWED Effort to Battle the TWC Behemoth, We have made a more professional Logo!! Check it out!!

Were still growing almost to 2800 people, we need to keep up the pressure on Time Warner to stop this unacceptable effort to bleed customers dry especially the ones that cannot get any other broadband service in their neighborhood!!

Temporary victory only!

This victory is not a permanent one. Time Warner’s corporate office released a statement saying they would “educate consumers” before trying something like this again. Guess what? We need to stay on top of them for every second of every day and not allow a…Read More

Victory! Breaking News!

Rochester, N.Y. -- Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) announced Thursday that Time Warner Cable will shelve plans for a tiered pricing system for Internet use. Time Warner Cable had intended to use Rochester as a test market for the new plan that would have placed…Read More

Thanks again for Joining - DONT FORGET RALLY This Saturday

11-5PM outside of Time Warners Mt. Hope Headquarters, lets let our voices be heard!!
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