Someday Soon, Inc. strives to provide for the education of all Vietnamese children equally and grants educational support to Vietnamese children who are orphans, disabled, and/or living in poverty.

Upon the trip to Vietnam, the directors of Someday Soon, Inc. discovered first hand the lack education among many of Vietnam’s children, especially those without parents, disabled, and/or living in poverty. Without education, these children have grown to believe that their highest hopes are to attain jobs as seamstresses or shoemakers. School is not free in Vietnam but we were distraught upon discovering just how inexpensive education is in Vietnam. A year of tuition for a child is often as low as $60 (USD), an amount that many families earning $200 a year cannot afford. Upon returning to America, we formed Someday Soon, Inc.

Someday Soon, Inc. strives to empower children with knowledge and to help them believe in a brighter future by encouraging and supporting education as a pathway to success. We believe that children throughout Vietnam should be afforded the opportunity to chase their ambitions and participate in the global economy regardless of the circumstances into which they were born. We further believe that education is the key to opening these opportunities and devote ourselves to facilitating the education of the children of Vietnam by building partnerships and creating sustainable solutions.

We believe that simply giving money away is not the answer to Vietnam’s educational problems. Real change begins with changing the mental attitudes of both students and teachers to believe that a combination of education and effort can break the cycle of poverty. To that end, Someday Soon,
Inc. will award scholarships, provide school supplies, give books, furnish technology, issue stipends to needy school staff, organize after-school tutoring, implement mentorship programs, and renovate/build schools and libraries.

Someday Soon Inc. believes in the value of efficiency and the upmost transparency. We understand that contributors are the life-blood of the organization and therefore, deserve to know exactly where and how each dollar is spent.

1. Children should be afforded the opportunity to attain an education regardless of country of origin, disability, or financial condition.

2. Education is the key to opening the opportunities for children to realize their potential.

3. Solving Vietnam’s educational problems will come from changing mental attitudes, building partnerships, and creating sustainable solutions.

4. A responsible organization should maintain the highest levels of efficiency and transparency.

5. For further information and details of what we have accomplished, visit us at www.someday-soon.org