Passing a LLEP for marijuana in Kalamazoo in 2010

A Lowest Law Enforcement Priority (LLEP) measure will direct the Kalamazoo Police and Safety Department & the City Attorney to make adult arrest & prosecution for small amounts of marijuana with no other aggravating circumstances their lowest possible priority.

1. Kalamazoo and other Michigan taxpayers are burdened by the substantial costs of investigating, arresting, prosecuting and jailing people for marijuana

2. in 2008 Kalamazoo agencies made 1,600 arrests involving controlled substances, nearly 60 percent of which involved, 90 percent were misdemeanors.

3. federal education loans are denied to students pursuant to Congressional amendments to the Higher Education Act for any marijuana related offence.

4. Kalamazoo funds and supports Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team (KVET) with a $1.5 million annual budget for fiscal year 2008 alone.