Please consider making a donation to help sweet Dulcea in her fight to live and thrive.

I challenge everybody who joins the group to make a donation. If everybody donated a small amount we could make a world of difference. Invite others to join. Joining gets the word out, but it's the donations that really make the difference. Her vet bills total $1,911.00

LOOK what a PUPPY MILL did to Sweet Little Dulcea !!! At the age of 5 Dulcea lost both of her eyes and most of her teeth. Dulcea was released to HUA by a puppy mill breeder who no longer wanted her. Her story is the most horrific I have ever known. Both of her eyes were badly damaged at the puppy mill. She was frightened and in pain. On the transport to release her to HUA the breeder dropped her. She ran away and could not be captured. She was on her own, blind and in pain, in the worst of the December winter. For 13 days she was lost, cold, frightened and in extreme pain. She survived temperatures near 0 degrees for days on end. She was finally found in a yard in a hole under a bush. The woman who lived in the home was dog sitting and the visiting dog kept going to the spot where Dulcea lay dying. When she was discovered her body temperature was 82 degrees and she was too weak to even lift her head. She was emaciated and dehydrated. She was taken to a veterinarian’s office in that town where they kept her for a week in intensive care until she was well enough to travel. HUA volunteers put out flyers and let everyone know she was lost. HUA was contacted to come meet Dulcea and bring her into their care.

When HUA picked her up she melted into the arms of the volunteer, smiled and fell asleep, as if she knew she was finally safe and loved. HUA's volunteer rushed Dulcea to a vet clinic in Omaha where it was determined that her eyes and most of her teeth needed to be removed immediately. They were painful and causing horrible infection. There was no saving her eyes. The damage was very old and she had not had any vision for a long time. During the operation Dulcea’s heart rate dropped and they thought they would lose her. But because of her will to live and the great care she received she pulled through. While at the clinic she was treated like a princess. She had a big soft warm bed of her very own for the first time in her life and the clinic staff showered her with affection. Soon she was well enough to go to a foster home, the first home she has ever known. "Dulcea is a beautiful little girl inside and out"

I personally want to say thank you to everyone for joining this special cause. If you cannot donate at this time, we know you care. Thank you!............Fiona & Dulcea

**11/2009 Update on Sweet Little Dulcea**

Dulcea is now called "Cupcake" and she is loved, healthy and so very HAPPY! Cupcake is "Hearts United for Animals" sanctuary sweetheart and they will always take care of her. Cupcake will never see the world through her eyes again but she will always see it through her heart. She loves you all.

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1. Help Sweet Little Dulcea, she deserves a 2nd chance in life

2. Dulcea lost both of her eyes, but she has one BIG heart !

3. Her vet bills total $1,911.00..Please Donate What You Can