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THIS MORNING email your Representative to support and vote for SB 943!!!

NC’s Legislature is very close to adopting a budget and adjourning this session. Senate Bill 943 [Expand Film Credit] has still not passed! If there is any part of you that wants SB 943 passed--for the sake of NC’s motion picture industry, your families and livelihood in North Carolina--please EMAIL your House Representative THIS MORNING. A list of emails is below.

THIS MORNING ask your Representative to support and vote for SB 943. Not sure what to say? In a SHORT email, tell your Representative who you are, why SB 943 is important to you and ask for their VOTE. Remind them that in the wake of competition for films, other states have everything to gain and North Carolina has everything to lose.

North Carolina needs your voice now more than ever. But PLEASE KEEP YOUR EMAILS SHORT! I guarantee you, long emails will not be read. Folks, these folks are tired!

Please act THIS MORNING; tomorrow will be too late.

Confused? Have questions? Email or call me. Thank you, Sallie (919.733.9900)

House of Representatives Member Email List:

Alma Adams

Martha B. Alexander

Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.

Lucy T. Allen

Marilyn Avila

Jeff Barnhart

Larry M. Bell

Hugh Blackwell

Curtis Blackwood

John M. Blust

James L. Boles, Jr.

Alice L. Bordsen

R. Van Braxton

William D. Brisson

Larry R. Brown

Harold J. Brubaker

Angela R. Bryant

Justin P. Burr

Pearl Burris-Floyd

Becky Carney

George G. Cleveland

Lorene Coates

Nelson Cole

Tricia Ann Cotham

James W. Crawford, Jr.

William A. Current, Sr.

N. Leo Daughtry

Margaret Highsmith Dickson

Jerry C. Dockham

Nelson Dollar

Beverly M. Earle

Bob England, M.D.

Bill Faison

Jean Farmer-Butterfield

Susan C. Fisher

Elmer Floyd

Dale R. Folwell

Phillip Frye

Pryor Gibson

Rosa U. Gill

Mitch Gillespie

Rick Glazier

Bruce Goforth

Melanie Wade Goodwin

W. Robert Grady

W. David Guice

Jim Gulley

Joe Hackney

R. Phillip Haire

Larry D. Hall

Ty Harrell

Pricey Harrison

Dewey L. Hill

Mark K. Hilton

Hugh Holliman

Bryan R. Holloway

Julia C. Howard

Sandra Spaulding Hughes

Pat B. Hurley

Frank Iler

Dan W. Ingle

Verla Insko

Darren G. Jackson

Maggie Jeffus

Linda P. Johnson

Earl Jones

Carolyn H. Justice

Carolyn K. Justus

Ric Killian

James H....

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