25 TO SURVIVE is advocacy group formed in 2009 to bolster awareness of North Carolina's faltering motion picture industry.

North Carolina's motion picture industry technicians, vendors, support service companies and talent formed 25 TO SURVIVE in an effort to boost visibility of an imminent collapse of North Carolina's once booming motion picture industry.

Three bills have been introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly proposing an expansion to North Carolina's film tax incentive.

25 TO SURVIVE believes the proposed 25% tax credit will sufficiently support a competitive motion picture industry that will not only instantly create hundreds jobs per film, but also fuel local economies on many different levels.

1. 1. In the past 2 years, and more severely in the last 6 months, North Carolina has seen its motion picture industry slowly slip away.

2. 2. Advocates for 25 TO SURVIVE unanimously support an increase to North Carolina's current 15% film tax incentive.

3. 3. A 25% tax credit will support a competitive film industry that will instantly create hundreds jobs per film and fuel local economies.