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Desmond Tutu letter on the Dalai Lama

Hi --
We are getting ready to present the Desmond Tutu to the Chinese officials and the Chinese ambassador at the UN in the coming weeks.

Just wanted to remind you that if you have joined the group, it doesn't mean you've signed the letter. To be counted you need to actually add your name here --

This is not, of course, going to be our last word on this issue and we are currently talking to some of our partner organizations and some of the Nobel Laureates about our next actions.

We would love to have your support of our ongoing work with the Nobel Laureates and others on the Tibet issue. There is more information on how to do that here --

Thanks for being part of this rapidly growing group. Be sure to let your friends know about it, particularly in the next week. And let's continue to make some noise!

Mary Wald


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