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Congratulations to all of you who have supported the effort to build a skatepark in Imperial Beach for well over the past 10 years! The Groundbreaking Ceremony to finally build the park is August 16th at 4pm at the Sports Park at 425 Imperial Beach Blvd., IB…Read More

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I saw Michael Carey today who said the City Council accepted and passed the bid for the Skatepark. The Park will be built by California Skateparks who is subcontracting the job. Check out their website...this should be a good thing for…Read More

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We received an email today informing the public that a bid was submitted and accepted by Fordyce Construction by the City of IB to build the Skatepark per design already approved by the City Council! This is great news! The City is recommending approval to…Read More

IB Skatepark City Council Meeting

IB Skatepark Supporters-great news! The City is allocating the remaining funds needed to build the skatepark from next year's budget! The Council must vote and approve this proposal. Come to this week's City Council meeting (12/16 at 6pm) to show support for…Read More

IB Skatepark Opportunity

IB 4 A Skatepark friends and members: PLEASE come to the IB City Council Meeting this Wednesday, November 4th at 6pm-the City will be voting on the use of Redevelopment funds and WE WANT SOME FOR THE SKATEPARK!! While we have raised enough funds to start this…Read More

The Skatepark Project Design Presented to City Council

An email from the Skatepark Project Manager, Vicki Madrid, following the City Council meeting last week. "On August 19, 2009, staff reported to City Council the above information. Staff was directed to proceed with the development of the construction plans…Read More

IB Skatepark Grindline Proposal

The Grindline Design presentation for our skatepark was awesome tonight! This is really happening! The final design proposal from Grindline will be presented to the City at the City Council on 8/19. However, economic times are tough and we still need money to…Read More
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