To raise funds for and awareness of projects undertaken by RAWA and OPAWC within Afghanistan and in Afghan refugee areas in Pakistan

SAWA-Australia, the Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, was set up in February 2004 by a group of concerned people from Australia. It is dedicated to raising funds for human rights, education, nutrition, health, safety, and improving the self-esteem of the millions of Afghan women and children in Pakistan's refugee population and within Afghanistan.

SAWA is operated entirely by volunteers. All funds raised will go to RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) and OPAWC (Organization for Promoting Afghan Women's Capabilities) projects, so fundraising activities will run with minimum costs and as much sponsorship as possible. See www.rawa.org for more information on RAWA projects. RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan since 1977.

Further information about SAWA can be found and donations made through the SAWA-Australia web site at:

1. To provide support for the projects undertaken by RAWA and OPAWC

2. To provide support for the education of women and girls in Afghanistan

3. To support human rights in Afghanistan