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Mindy's Story

It all started in the year of 1992. Entering my life came an adult rhesus macaque called "Mindy Sue". Age unknown, small for her species and severely under weight, Mindy was to change my life in ways I could never imagine.

In Mindy's memory, the sanctuary was founded and built to what it has become today. To give a chance at a freer life for those who find us.

I tried to trace her early life, was unable to start from birth or anything in between except she was sold by a broker who came by her in Chicago, Illinois and drove with her to resell her in Oklahoma. Mindy was donated to me. Mindy suffered with health problems due to neglect, abuse through her life--I could
only imagine what occurred to cause them. Mindy was a brave monkey until the end of her life with me. Five short years.

Many physical exams with an experienced primate veterinarian turned up no clues for us to treat Mindys condition. It was internal and no amount of blood work or exams changed anything for her.

From the start, Mindy showed a special bond with me, acting like she had always known me or perhaps she was just surprised to have me show her care and understanding, for undoubtedly I was the first, perhaps the only one in her life to show her compassion.

1. To provide a healthy, safe, and humane environment for any primates needing care and treatment.

2. To provide housing, and care for any primates abandoned or in need of treatment.

3. To educate the public on the humane treatment and care of primates.

4. To identify, and provide services to promote the humane treatment and care of primates.

5. http://www.mindysmem.org