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Let LeBron Know We Want Him to Stay - Donate to the Beck Center in June

This special message is part of an area-wide effort by the non-profit community during the month of June.

In the days ahead, Akron's LeBron James will be making an important personal decision. In his seven years as a Cav, LeBron has broken every major team record, and was recently named the league's MVP for a second straight season. But to Northeast Ohio, LeBron has been more than a player. His rise from hardship, work ethic, and leadership has been an inspiration. His success has been the team's success, and the team's success has been our own. For significant civic and economic reasons, it's important that LeBron re-sign with the Cavs.

You can help. When a person makes a charitable contribution in recognition of another, the honoree receives a letter of notification from the charity. Your gift to the Beck Center now, in any amount, will be recognized in honor of Mr. James, and he will be promptly notified of it. Your gesture will join with thousands of others like it, as LeBron considers his decision. And the full amount of your gift will go toward helping us to continue to provide exceptional education programs and innovative and exciting theater for the students, families, and community we serve.

Thank you for your consideration of this special request and for your loyal support of our work throughout the year

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