April is National Autism Awarness Month!!! In one year I managed with your help to pass the message on to 2,627 ppl!!! How fantastic is that? I'm sure,like me you have added a few more friends to that friends list of yours, so lets get inviting…Read More

Keep going!

Hello to all you lovely people in my cause, Its nearly been a year since this cause began and I am delighted to see just how many I've reached already! Thanks everyone! :-) I plan to make this cause more informative for those that join. Please help buy…Read More


Thank you to everyone who has joined me in spreading this message and thak you to all of you who have recruited others because thats what its all about! Tony Jones-15 ppl! Angie Passlow 14! Nicola Hovell has also recruited 14 ppl and Greham Malin 13! We have…Read More

Autism Awareness

Thanks for becoming a part of this group! The way things are going we could get a huge amount of people to open their eyes and support the whole spectrum so please keep inviting your friends...its really working! Thank you again. I hope you know how much of…Read More


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