URGENT: California Affiliate Tax 2010!

Greetings! It is 2010 and California legislature is at it again trying to destroy affiliate marketing! This time, Adverting Tax has been sneaked into a budget trailer bill (ABX8 8) in the last moment to prevent any meaningful debate about the harm this tax…Read More

Fight FTC's Abuse of Power!

Lately it has been quiet on Internet Marketing Taxation front, as 2009 legislative cycle has wrapped up around the nation. Still, I want to congratulate everyone on spreading the word and helping bring the group to 500+ members. Yay! Aside from the nexus…Read More

Solution to the Affiliate Tax

What would you do if the affiliate tax passes in your state? Jerry West was hit by North Carolina law and had 40% of his income lost overnight when merchants terminated him. Then he came up with a solution to restore it by creating virtual out-of-state…Read More

Thank you Governor Schwarzenegger!

I wanted to share the good news for all California affiliates. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the budget with affiliate tax. What is more important, he took specific interest in stopping the taxation of affiliates and his office put out this press…Read More

EMERGENCY ALERT: California Internet Tax is Back!

One thing about politicians is certain: they like to make decisions in the backroom to escape public scrutiny and opposition. When two months ago California Assembly tabled hearings on the affiliate tax, I suspected they will sneak it back on us in the 11th…Read More

California Affiliate Tax is Dead (FOR NOW)

News from Sacramento, CA. Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee did not take the vote on AB 178, letting the affiliate tax die a quiet death. In fact, they did not even give the bill a hearing. This means the bill is shelved until January. This news is…Read More

URGENT: Lobby CA Revenue and Taxation Committee Members

Thanks for being part of the Cause and helping defeat advertising taxes. We are almost 250 strong and growing! I wanted to alert you all, that the next step in California's AB 178 is the hearing in Revenue and Taxation Committee on April 27. The ideal…Read More
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