Al Jazeera Poll Goes “The Opposite Direction” On The Holocaust - ADL

While the Jews and the world are commemorating the Holocaust, the majority of this part of this world, i.e. Arabic-speaking countries, has been simply doing nothing in terms of education. Also the [mis]use of the Holocaust by i.e. Qatar-- along with its owned…Read More

Israelis You Should Know: Shoshana Damari!

Why you should know Shoshana Damari, a Yemenite-Israeli singer, known as the “Queen of Hebrew music.”

Iraqi Jewish Archive controversy aired at Jerusalem forum

"Jewish communal sites in Arab countries must be preserved and respected." JFJAW photo: The ruins of the Synagogue of Bhamdoun, Lebanon

A Precedent For The Arab World: Official Events Marking The Holocaust

"It is our duty to act together to combat any expression of intolerance and hatred," said the Bahraini ambassador to France. This was the first visit by a Muslim diplomat to the site, which was established in September…Read More

Jews aren't pigs nor dogs.

"It is sad to note, there is a whole generation of young Egyptians who may have never seen or interacted with a Jew. The only Jews they know are the gross caricatures portrayed in the Arab government controlled media". More

Yom Kippur (عيد الغفران)

On Yom Kippur, I honorably put my thought into ACTION. I say sorry and ask for forgiveness. I articulate it very well. I feel it while living the harm I might have caused to others and make sure I’m forgiven. Without taking action, Yom Kippur won't be my Day…Read More

Passing by to say Hello!

The Jewish Cemetery in Beirut.
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